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//  Origin:  Christchurch, NZ


Simon                  Jesus Christ Superstar - NZ and Australian Tours 
Freddie                My Fair Lady - Aotea Centre
Eddie                   Blood Brothers - Court Theatre
Montparnasse     Les Miserables - Australian Tour
        (including more than 20 performances as Enjolras)
Ensemble            Miss Saigon - Sydney
        (including more than 50 performances as Chris)   
Adam                  Rough Crossing - Fortune Theatre
Cliff                     Only Heaven Knows - Chapel Off Chapel
Renaldi               Funny Girl - The Production Company
Pastey                Gypsy - The Production Company
Michael              Putting It Together - Court Theatre
Serge                 Mack & Mabel - The Production Company


Musical Direction

MD/Arranger      I Should Be So Lucky - Chapel Off Chapel
MD                     A New Brain - Chapel Off Chapel (Australian Premiere)
MD/Arranger      Tune In Tomorrow - Victorian Tour and Brisbane Festival                        
MD                     Blue Nile - Chapel Off Chapel (Australian Premiere)



Tuzenbach         Three Sisters - Depot Theatre
Kurogo               M. Butterfly - Court Theatre
Brother Martin    Saint Joan - Court Theatre
Leonardo           Blood Wedding - Canterbury Art Network
Lorenzo             The Merchant of Venice - Court Theatre
Officer Welch    Rumors - Court Theatre
Otter                  The Wind in the Willows (Bennett) - Court Theatre
Sonders             On the Razzle - Court Theatre
Sandy                The Philadelphia Story - Court Theatre
Bernie                Sexual Perversity in Chicago - Ngaio Marsh Theatre

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